Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008 Year in Review

We want to congratulate our pups from our litters on their accomplishments over the past year.

Brian and Diver (B-Line's Westwind Diver) competed in their first UKC Finished test this summer and obtained a pass.

Marion and Raven (B-Line's Miss Behavin Raven) completed her CARO novice title, her WC and has Junior Hunt passes!


The following are all from the same litter and were running Field Trial puppy stakes:

Ron and Artemis (B-Line to the Bird Boy)

  • Long Pt Trial, puppy, 1st

  • LOC Trial, puppy, 4th

  • MV Trial, puppy, 3rd

  • 3 Started Hunting Retriever Passes

Marc and Ace (B-Line's Royal Flush)
  • York Trial, puppy 2nd

  • LOC Trial, puppy, 1st

  • MV Trial, puppy, CM

Rob and Abby (B-Line's Abigail's Bluff)

  • Long Pt Trial, puppy, 3rd

  • LOC Trial, puppy, CM

  • MV Trial, puppy, 4th

Rob and Storm (B-Line's Belle's Autumn Gale)

  • LOC Trial, puppy, 2nd

and our own dogs Raider (B-Line's Lake Effect Raider) has a Win and Reese (B-Line's Autumn Rush) a CM both at the MVRTC Trial.

Congrats to all and Good Luck in 2009!

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