Monday, November 30, 2009

New Title for Star!

On November 29th Star earned her third tracking title, one of the hard ones, her Urban Tracking Dog or UTD. This involves tracking on variable surfaces, such as concrete, ashphalt, gravel or sand as well as grass. These areas tend to be more contaminated with more scents to sort through of other people, cars or dogs going over your track.

We are very proud of Star!
She is now HR B-Line's Supernova, CGN, CD, WCX, MH, TDX, UTD QAA

Its not all about the ribbons

We got an e-mail from an owner of one of our pups from our Belle/Tucker litter that will be turning 3 years in January. Robb bought Timber as a hunting companion and so far he has picked up 26 birds for him this fall. We love to hear these stories because that is what it is all about, breeding Labs to do what they were bred and love to do, bring home dinner :0)

Below is a picture of Timber.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top 10 Junior Dog's in Ontario 2009

Congrats to the B-line dogs and their handlers!!!

#3 B-Line's Lake Effect Raider with 8 starts and a 100% completion rate!

#6 B-lines Royal Flush and Marc Comtois

#7 HR B-line For The Bird Boy and Ron Gill