Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canadian Master National

Tundra is now a National Master Hunter!  He passed a week long series of tests where only 18 of the 40 dogs entered passed.

Day one land series
This was a triple with a blind up the middle.

Star didn't make it though the tests but did some nice work.

Day 2 water series
This was an interrupted triple with the first two birds being in line.  The blind was through the middle.

Tundra doing the water blind

Here is Star mesmirized by the mojo where she missed seeing the long bird and ended our National journey, which just means we get to go to Quebec next year :0)

Day 3 Upland
 The start of the quarter
 Tunnie flushes the bird
 and sits to the whistle...whew!

 Star relaxing in the shade
Day 4 land series
 This was a walkup with an honour, triple and two blinds.  Star was test dog for this and stepped on the marks did a nice job on the first blind and had a little trouble with the blind over the old fall.


Tundra finishing the second blind.
Day 5 water test

This series was a triple with a breaking bird and a shoreline blind past a gun station.  Tundra did a really nice job on this blind.
Well done Chris and Tundra!!!
Here is the link if you want to read more:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

So far this summer

Its been a very busy summer.  We've been doing some judging and a lot of  training and trying to keep cool.

I noticed I forgot to post Tundra's double header in the Master at the HHrc trial in June.  Star also ran one day and passed as well.

Star also picked up another Master pass at LOC.

Other than that we've been just trying to keep cool :0)

At the beach....

and at home with the pool and hose....

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!